On the 16th of September 2018, I set off on a year long road trip which will eventually take me to warmer climates and new possibilities. Before reaching the famed beaches and friendly people of Portugal however, I will zig-zag my way through Belgium, France and Spain with a minimal amount of planning. I will be riding my Gold Wing GL1000, a 40+ year old classic, and will be pulling a small trailer behind me. The last few years have seen me shedding my load of material baggage. Most of what I still have is with me.

In order to stay warm and well fed, I will be trading my extensive DIY skills in return for room and board everywhere I go. This is accomplished through By using their website, I am brought into contact with literally hundreds of Hosts looking for a volunteer. What an amazing concept! Travel cheap, meet great people, get things done. A win-win situation. For months, I had already planned my first few WorkAway addresses, but two days before I departed, I found myself frantically contacting different hosts as the ‘plan’ fell through.

And that, in a nutshell, is a big part of what this trip will be: Letting go.

Deelnemer Kunstroute 2007 + 2008.